Real-Time Property Services LLC Maintenance

Real-Time Leasing offers an in-house maintenance company to work for you!

Rather than trying to find a third-party vendor, you can rest assured that our staff is taking care of the problem in a timely manner.

In-House Technicians

Part of the advantage we offer with our maintenance team is knowing who we have out at the property. We can control the situation and help mitigate liability issues. We know when they will be there and can control the situation better and manage the tenant and entry concerns

After-Hours Emergency Maintenance

We offer the solution for 24/7, after-hours, weekends and holiday maintenance emergencies! We are there if there is that ‘middle of the night’ emergency an address the situation right away. We also help assess the situation and if something can wait till the next business day, we have our own in-house staff manage.

Troubleshooting 101

This is where we excel! We know that many of our owners are hesitate about maintenance and the possibly of so many issues that could occur. We understand that there are times tenants will call with issues that can be resolved over the phone. Our team is prepared for this. Not only do we offer videos on our site to help with the ‘simple things’, but we also can talk through the issue with the tenant, sometimes going so far as obtaining photo or video to help us also be prepared and send out a tech to go onsite with more information to limit time on site.

Fall Tune Up Program

Just as you change the oil in your vehicle every 3,000 - 5,000 miles, it is important to have a tune-up performed on your furnace or boiler and keep up with maintenance as to prevent future/premature breakdowns and improve efficiency. All tune-ups come with a 20-point inspection and a carbon monoxide test for safety. Real-Time Leasing has partnered with several HVAC teams to provide this ‘optional’ service for our owners at a discounted rate if scheduled prior to October 1.

Ice Melt Program

For years, Real-Time Leasing has offered this ‘optional’ plan to provide unlimited refills for the entire winter season (November-March) at your property for a one-time fee. Our goal will be to have each bucket delivered by the end of November/first week of December to provide tenants with ease of mind when the first snowfall hits.

We wanted to provide our clients a solution to a possible growing problem and help alleviate some of the liabilities that can occur with owning investment properties. We recognize that the Ice Melt Program won’t eliminate ice buildup entirely and does rely also on the participation of the tenant to distribute the salt as needed…we do believe that providing this service is a benefit to our clients. If you have any questions to the program please feel free to contact us at any time.

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