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Let us manage your bte365备用网址市 Rental Property

物业管理不仅仅是收租金. Did you know that in many cases, housing requirements differ between a sale and a rental transaction? Do you know the correct definition of a legal bedroom? 您是否已从本市获得适当的bte365备用网址许可证和/或您的许可证是有效的? 如果不是这样, you could end up in a less-than-desirable situation.

At Real-Time Leasing, 我们积极管理租户和您的物业的日常细节 to the terms of the lease agreement. 不管是收租金,不可预见的维修问题,还是房客 违规或纠纷,或城市要求,我们作为物业经理的角色是监督所有的问题 and aspects of your 明尼苏达州 property.

Our Fees are Simple:

  • No up-front fees
  • No advertising fees
  • Low cost lease renewal fees
  • No hidden eviction fees
  • Simple Tiered 定价

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