Our background check consists of collecting and reviewing the following 信息:


Yes, credit scores are important to us, but we are more interested in the things that created 信用分数比分数本身更重要. 不太理想的信用评分可能会被抵消 良好的bte365备用网址历史和稳定的收入.



实时bte365备用网址 may run a public record search through the 明尼苏达州 Judicial Branch 网站. 实时bte365备用网址 will utilize your first/last name and date of birth to access any 刑事或判决记录. 任何出现在这份文件上的罪行都可能 作为你接受或拒绝的决定性因素. 额外的信息, 请参阅下一节的犯罪记录标准.


Residency may be denied due to a criminal record; please see criminal criteria below:


你的每月净收入必须至少为2.是月租金的5倍. You will be required to provide proof of income whether you are employed by a 3rd party, 或自由职业者.

**If an applicant has a current mortgage on his or her credit report, applicant must make 2.5倍的租金(净收入)加上足够支付他们的抵押贷款.  Applicant will also be required to provide closing documents to show that their current home (with mortgage showing up on credit report) has been sold OR a lease with a current tenant showing the home is leased for a period of twelve (12) months or more.

If you are self-employed, you will need to provide the following proof of income:


If you are not self-employed you will need to provide the following proof of income:


You will need to provide a rental reference which confirms a minimum of 1 year or more of 第三方房东提供的有效、可核实的bte365备用网址历史. 如果你有更短的bte365备用网址历史 超过12个月,可能需要双倍存款. 如果你的bte365备用网址历史包括:迟到 payments, eviction(s), excessive lease violations, excessive property damage, unauthorized tenants/pets, pest infestations due to tenant negligence, improper notice to vacate, three or more late notices within a 12-month period, noise or nuisance violations, two or more NSF charges, or outstanding balance owed, you will not be 批准 for a lease at Real-Time bte365备用网址.

A single or combined occurrence of the following will more than likely NOT allow me 从实时bte365备用网址bte365备用网址